[SIP-10] rLaunchpad Program


rLaunchpad program is a community-driven initiative designed to sustainably expand the StaFi ecosystem and introduce new rTokens to the platform. This proposal outlines the program’s structure, lifecycle, core units, participation guidelines, and future plans.

What is rLaunchpad?

rLaunchpad is a community-led program that empowers StaFi’s FIS token holders to select promising Layer 1 projects for integration into the StaFi ecosystem. Through a voting process, FIS token holders can choose the most compelling project proposals, paving the way for the introduction of new rTokens on the StaFi platform.

StaFi provides a variety of services to launchpad participants, including:

  • rToken backend technical development
  • rToken frontend UI development
  • rToken technical support after launch
  • Marketing and community building support
  • rLaunchpad Lifecycle

The rLaunchpad lifecycle encompasses several key stages:

  • Project Listing Proposals: Layer 1 projects or StaFi DAO draft initial project listing proposals, highlighting potential Layer 1 projects for integration.
  • Community Voting: StaFi FIS token holders cast their votes to select the most promising Layer 1 project from the proposed list.
  • Development Evaluation: The StaFi development team assesses the development costs and feasibility of integrating the chosen project.

💡 Note: In addition to 61Lab, the community and foundation can also promote the participation of third-party teams in development, or lead a team. We will then release an open plan. This plan will be based on one-time incentives and subsequent rToken yield incentives. Before that, 61Lab, as the builder of the Stafi protocol, will continue to develop new rTokens.

  • Development and Launch: Upon successful evaluation, the StaFi development team initiates the integration process and launches the new rToken on the StaFi rToken app.
  • Incentivization Programs: To attract users and encourage staking, each new rToken will undergo targeted mining campaigns and incentive programs.

⚠️ Note: StaFi Dao and community will monitor the performance of these teams and adjust the incentives as needed. If an rToken is not performing well, StaFi Dao may consider delisting it. This would be done to protect the interests of the Stafi community and to ensure that only high-quality rTokens are listed on the platform.

Core Units of rLaunchpad

The rLaunchpad program revolves around three core units:

  • Community: The StaFi community, represented by FIS token holders, plays a pivotal role in selecting promising Layer 1 projects, in the near future, we will also take corresponding layer 1 community members’ vote into consideration.
  • StaFi DAO: The StaFi DAO facilitates the project proposal process and ensures community engagement throughout the rLaunchpad lifecycle.
  • StaFi Development Team: The StaFi development team / cooperated development team evaluates project feasibility, oversees development, and launches new rTokens.

How to Join

To participate in the rLaunchpad program, StaFi FIS token holders can:

  • Stay informed about project listing proposals through the StaFi forum and community channels.
  • Actively participate in the voting process to select the most promising Layer 1 project.
  • Contribute to discussions and feedback on the rLaunchpad program’s evolution.

Take part in monitoring the performance of those new listed rTokens and deciding incentives and delisting adjustments as needed.

Future Work If Passed

We are committed to continuously improving the rLaunchpad program and expanding its scope once it gets passed. Future plans include:

  • Exploring alternative voting mechanisms to enhance community participation.
  • Introducing a more comprehensive project evaluation framework.
  • Developing innovative incentive programs to attract users and promote rToken adoption.
  • Expanding the rLaunchpad program to include other types of projects beyond Layer 1 integration.


The rLaunchpad program aligns with StaFi’s mission to operate sustainably and empower the community. By introducing new rTokens based on community votes, StaFi fosters a decentralized and inclusive approach to ecosystem expansion.

We are currently in the process of gathering feedback from the community on this proposal. A series of community discussions and polls will be hold to gauge interest and gather suggestions. We encourage you to participate in these discussions and share your thoughts on the proposal.

Project Participation Guidance

Project Application Process

To apply for the StaFi Launchpad, please follow these steps:

  • Submit a completed application proposal in StaFi forum according to the guidance.
  • Provide a detailed overview of your project, including the following information:
    • Chain Name: The name of the layer 1 chain that the protocol is launching its liquid staking solution on.
    • Applying Reasons: The reasons why the protocol is applying to launch its liquid staking solution on the StaFi rLaunchpad.
    • Provided Liquidity: The amount of liquidity that the protocol offer for its liquid staking solution through rLaunchpad will be carefully considered to maintain a healthy token economy and prevent excessive token dilution. Ideally, the initial token amount should fall within the range of $1-$5 million USD or represent 1%-3% of the overall token ratio.
    • Predicted TVL Once Launched: The predicted TVL of the protocol’s liquid staking solution once launched.
    • Chain TVL and Information: The TVL, Tokenomics and other relevant information about the protocol’s chain.
    • Contact Person: The contact information for the protocol’s team.
  • Explain why you are interested in launching on the StaFi Launchpad.
  • Provide a roadmap for your project.
  • Submit any other relevant information that you think would be helpful for the StaFi DAO to evaluate your application.

Project Criteria

The StaFi DAO will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Mainnet: The protocol must have a working mainnet.
  • Commitment: The protocol must be committed to working with StaFi to ensure the success of its liquid staking launch. This includes cooperating with StaFi on marketing and community building initiatives to promote the LST token after launch.
  • TVL: We consider TVL to be one of the most important criteria for rLaunchpad listing, as it is a key indicator of a project’s adoption and liquidity. A high TVL will benefit both the project and the StaFi community, as it will increase the demand for the project’s LST token.
  • Team: The StaFi DAO will look for projects with experienced and qualified teams in order to have sustainable cooperation.
  • Tokenomics: The StaFi DAO will look for projects with well-designed tokenomics.
  • Use cases: The StaFi DAO will look for projects with clear and compelling use cases.

Project Selection

The StaFi DAO will select a limited number of projects to participate in the StaFi Launchpad each season.

  1. List Proposal (Apply Listing)

Projects interested in participating in the StaFi Launchpad must submit an application. The application should include a brief overview of the project, its team, its liquid staking solution, and its marketing and community building plans.

  1. Community Select (Forum application selection in community call) - Est. 2 Months / Call

The StaFi DAO will review all applications and select a subset of projects to present their proposals to the community in a forum call. The community will then vote on which projects they would like to see participate in the Launchpad.

  1. SIP Vote (in Snapshot) - 7 Days Voting Period

The StaFi DAO will then create a Snapshot proposal to list the projects that were selected by the community in the forum call. The DAO will vote on the proposal by FIS / rFIS token in ERC20 format to confirm the final list of projects that will participate in the Launchpad.

  1. List confirm - Est. 7 Days

Once the SIP proposal is passed, the StaFi team will work with the selected projects to confirm their listing and finalize the launch procedures and requirements.

  1. Develop - Normally 2-3 Months

In the early stages, the 61lab team will develop the LST tokens for the selected projects and integrate them into the rToken App. In the future, third-party development teams can apply for funding to develop LST tokens. However, the results of third-party development still need to be reviewed by the 61lab team.

  1. Launch (in rToken App)

The LST tokens for the selected projects will be launched in the rToken App, where users will be able to stake their native tokens to earn rewards.

It is important to note that this is just a high-level overview of the selection process. The StaFi DAO may make changes to the process at any time.


Projects that participate in the StaFi Launchpad benefit from a variety of advantages, including:

  • Access to a large and engaged community of investors
  • Marketing and community building support from the StaFi
  • Technical assistance with the rToken launch process
  • Possible co-incentive campaigns and revenue sharing benefits.